Holey Brain Massacre

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Date(s) - 3. Februar 2023 - 4. Februar 2023
21:00 - 5:00


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Hole Productions is enormously happy about the fact that it is possible to have partys with you guys again. Many of you know us under the alias @dashabtihrnichtverdient and know about our legendary parties. The name says it all. For all of those who are new here, after this involuntary break we are going to rewrite the law of the hole once again! You can stay tuned for several parties and festivals that we have planned for the future. Our mission is to create a universe which is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We specifically pay attention to quality and customer satisfaction.
Hole Production present Darkpsy / Psycore
Straight outta Hole
Satuaria (Brain Massacre Project / Hole Production)
GremlinS MinD (Brain Massacre Project / Hole Production) BDAY – BLAST
PRESTIGIMO – LIVE (HPACPR Records / Hole Production)
Nawala (Illuritualcrew / Kapala Records / Hole Production)
Holey side Floor
Ergotronic – Melodic Techno (Hole Production)
OK DOOMER – DRUM N BASS (Hole Production)
MRTI – Ghetto / Groove / Trance (Hole Production)
PÄM – Acid Techno (Hole Production)
Deco: Hole Productions it´s more than a hole https://www.hole-production.com
2 Floors Special
Soundsystem by Klangfarben München Uvm…